Bruno Pelletier was born in August 7, 1962 in Charlesbourg, a small town in Quebec, Canada. Bruno's love for music began in the early childhood. His father noticed this and presented Bruno with a guitar when the boy was seven years old. Bruno began not only playing the guitar and the drums, but also singing and composing his own tunes.

In college, Bruno changed his major six times trying to find an occupation he liked. He participated in numerous performances and dance contests. Having worked for several years at a childrens' day care in a supermarket, he started his own karate school. Bruno had been interested in Bruce Lee films for a long time. He became quite good at karate and is proud of earning a black belt!

Music being his first love, Bruno began performing with two different English rock bands: "Amanite" (1985) and "Sneak Preview" (1987). Then in 1989, wanting to sing in his native language, Bruno formed the band "Pëll" (a name taken from the first syllable of his last name.) He gained much experience performing in that group.

At the age of 23, Bruno left his hometown for Montreal and began performing at local pubs. The smoky air played havoc with his vocal chords, and to save his voice he had to quit both singing and speaking for a while. It was a painful time for Bruno, who is normally quite talkative. Than he had to visit a special singing course to restore his voice. Meanwhile, Bruno appeared on the television shows "Beau et Chaud" and "Ad Lib." He also made commercials for the well-known companies such as "Culinar", "Pepsi", and "O'Keefe".

In 1989, Bruno entered the "Rock Envol" contest and was awarded a special prize for the quality of his performance. His talent was on the way to recognition. Two years later, Bruno played a role in Robitaille and Audet's musical "Vu d'en haut" which premiered at the Mongolfiers' International Festival in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu.

In 1992 he joined the troupe "Fous de rock’n’roll" and took part in more than 40 performances. Bruno released his debut album "Bruno Pelletier" in 1992. It was his first solo attempt to express himself as a poet, composer and singer. Many of the songs became popular. But although his song, "Tu pars", was a hit on the hit parade Radio Activite, the album itself sold only ten thousand copies.

Bruno starred in the musical "La Legende de Jimmy", composed by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger. It was Plamondon who encouraged Bruno to join the rock opera, having been fascinated by his voice. There Bruno sang on the same stage with such performers as Nanette Workman, Ives Jacques, and Luce Dufault, with whom he quickly made friends. Bruno was given the main role of the teenager, Jimmy, and he performed that role about 50 times.

In 1993, Luc Plamondon, having listened to more than a hundred auditions for his new version of the musical "Starmania", chose Bruno to play the role of Johnny Rockfort, leader of the gang "Black Stars". Bruno performed not only in Quebec, but also in France. It was supposed that Bruno would work with "Starmania" for about three months, but his performance was so brilliant that his contract was prolonged. Bruno performed the role of Johnny Rockfort about five hundred times in all. His rendition of "S.O.S. d'un Terrien en Detresse" simply outdid the original version that had been previously performed by Daniel Balavoine.

The two years, Bruno spent in Paris, imparted him a rich life and great stage experience. During that period he prepared his second solo album, "Defaire l'Amour". Mario Hebert, Luc Plamondon, Riccardo Cocciante and Bruno himself (as a songwriter and arranger) took part in making the disc. The album was a greater success than the first one, selling 30,000 copies. The songs "Ailleurs c'est comme ici" and "En manque de toi" were often heard on the radio but the critics didn't pay much attention to this new work. Bruno was greatly frustrated, and his friends tried to cheer him up.

In the summer of 1994, Bruno was invited to take part in the festival "Francofolies" which took place in the town of La-Rochelle (France) and was dedicated to Luc Plamondon. There, Bruno performed some songs of the famous lyricist.

Coming back to Quebec, Bruno worked a lot on TV. He sang ten of the best songs of the year at "GALA de l'ADISQ - 1995", and took part in a benefit performance in the center of "Molson". Bruno recieved a storm of applause after his interpretation of the song "Miserere", dedicated to Pavarotti. (The song had already been recorded by Andrea Bocelli). The next day the newspapers were full of enthusiastic reviews. The prevailing opinion was that Bruno had at last found his own way... in opera. Many people phoned the music shops, eager to get a recording of the song. During that busy year Bruno gave more than 65 concerts in Quebec.

1997 proved to be more successful for Bruno as he took part in concerts accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. He performed at the summer festivals and in a series of concerts in the Casino of Montreal. That autumn became one of the most important periods in Bruno's career as his third solo album "Miserere" sold 250,000 copies (double-platinum in Canada). One of the songs on the CD, "Aime", remained #1 at the hit parade "Le Palmares" for ten weeks straight. Moreover, Bruno got the "Felix" prize as "Performer of the Year" at the ceremony "GALA de l'ADISQ". Meanwhile, Bruno's role as Michel Bergevin in the TV series "Omerta II" increased his popularity in Quebec immensely.

From January to August in 1998, Bruno gave more than a hundred concerts on his "Miserere" tour. During this time he got an offer from Luc Plamondon to take part in his new musical "Notre Dame de Paris". At first Bruno had to refuse because of his tour. But Plamondon didn't give up on him. After being requested for the second time, Bruno left Quebec for Paris where he played the role of the poet Gringoire, captivating audience with his rich, powerful voice. Bruno said that it was not an easy task for him. Gringoire wasn't the main hero in Victor Hugo's novel, and Bruno had to think deeply how to interpret the role. In the end, however, he managed to give a new dimension to Gringoire "somewhere between Jim Morrison and Baudelaire." As soon as his contract was over in January 1999, Bruno returned to Quebec to continue his "Miserere" tour through March. "Notre Dame de Paris" was then performed in Quebec till June of that year.

Having been encouraged with the success of the musical, Bruno began working on a new album. The album, released in the autumn of 1999, was called "D'autres Rives". The wide variety of songs and artistic expression on the CD allowed listeners in Canada and Europe to be truly carried to "Other Shores".

On December 31, 1999, Bruno and other Quebec stars took part in the Millennium Concert in Montreal in honor of Celine Dion who was going to take a break in her career to have a baby.

At the end of April 2000, Bruno interrupted his "D'autres rives" tour and again put on the costume of the Paris poet. This time, however, he performed in the language of Shakespeare since the English version of "Notre Dame de Paris" hit the London theatres. In the middle of November 2000, Bruno Pelletier, together with Claude Rousseau and Gelene Mercier, started a company called "Productions de Champlain" in order to support young talented people who want to pave their way in music.

In March 2001, Bruno's fifth album, "Sur Scène", was released. The live performance album consists of two discs: one of them, an ordinary audio CD , and the other one is a multimedia production including video clips from the "Sur Scène" concert. On June 12, 2001, Bruno Pelletier signed a contract with the music firm "EASTWEST FRANCE", a branch of "AOL/TIME-WARNER". Thanks to the contract, Bruno has the opportunity to issue his albums both in Canada and France.

In the middle of 2001 Pelletier tells his fans that he is going to take a break. He says that he needs some rest after the race of the previous years when he combined his solo career with the work in "Notre Dame de Paris". The result of this rest was the release of a new album "Un monde a l’envers" in August 2002. During the first days after the release the album became the leader of the sales. And the new tour "Un monde a l’envers" became an event of the cultural life of Quebec. In November his album was released in France and in April he had great success performing in the music hall "le Bataclan".

He promises to continue his work both in Canada and France and after the number of summer festivals in October 2003 Bruno releases his new album with Christmas songs, recorded during the performance in a basilica "Notre Dame de Montréal".

January 31, 2006 was the first night of a new musical "Dracula - Entre l’amour et l’amort" ("Dracula - Between Love And Death"). The work on this project lasted for more than two years and Bruno Pelletier showed himself not only as a talented singer and actor. He also was the co-producer and the art director of the musical. The performances had great success in Montreal, Quebec and other Canadian cities. In January, 2008 the troupe of "Dracula" went to Lyon (France) to present there 10 performances at the theatre "Maison de la Danse". The musical has joined admirers from more, than 20 countries of the Europe and whole world and it has received positive responses of critics. The Canadian version of the performance recorded in autumn of 2006, was released on DVD in 2008.

Having a break in his Dracula performances, Bruno brought to life another one project "Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre" ("Bruno Pelletier And The BigBand"). In September, 2007 the album of the same name was released. It included hits of the world music stars of the past and the present along with the songs of Bruno’s repertoire - both already known hits in jazz interpretation and new songs, written by the singer himself specially for this project. In the spring of 2008 a DVD-disk containing video recording of one of the Bruno’s concerts with his "BigBand" in the casino of Montreal was released.

In the autumn of 2008, continuing performances with the "GrosZorchestre", Bruno prepares a new 10th album "Microphonium". In cooperation with such authors as Marc Dupré, Catherine Major, Frédéric Baron, Serge Lama and Daniel Lavoie the singer wishes to return to the sources, to the music which made him popular in many countries of the world. But this new album is not simply a bridge to the past, "it is like a photo album of my life", - says Bruno, meaning, that the new songs are to open the inner world of the artist and person Bruno Pelletier...

On November, 13th, 2008 at the office of "Tandem Music" Bruno was given a memorable plaque for 2 million sold copies of CDs. The same time the team of the singer celebrated 25th anniversary of his musical career. The album "Microphonium" is to be released at the beginning of February, 2009, followed by a number of concerts in Quebec. The singer promises to be different … and to be himself, the same way he always remained...

Briefly about Bruno Pelletier

Family: Wife Melanie. Son, Thierry. Mother, Liette. Younger sister, Dominique.
Achievement: A black belt in Karate.
Life philosophy: To be honest, to have his own opinions and to listen to the others.
Loves: The cinema, travel, and motorcycles.
Doesn't like: People who don't keep their word and put others down.
Hates: Useless chatting on the telephone.
Fights against: Injustice in all its ways, hypocrisy, and intolerance.
Fears: Insects.
Specialty: Cooking, prefers vegetarian food.
His passion: Good wine. He has his own wine cellar.
Favorite sports: Yoga, cycle racing, hockey, basketball, boating, and mountain climbing.
Favorite book: Empire of the Ants of Bernard Weber.
His favourite fashion: Clothes made of denim.
His favorite cologne: Vetiver by Guerlain; Cologne by Thierry Muglere.