Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre


Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre

The applauses of the last performances of “Dracula” Quebec tour have not become silent when Bruno Pelletier decided to introduce to the audience a new project.

He gathers the group of like-minded people – an acoustic trio – Julie Lamontagne, a wonderful pianist, for several years she has been working in a team that accompanies Bruno in his solo tours; a contrabass player Dave Watts and a drummer Richard Irwing. The project gets the name “Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre” and from the beginning of 2007 is presented to the spectators on the best musical grounds of the Quebec province.

Proving the fame of an artist who is constantly in search and sometimes takes chances, Bruno not only cardinally changes his image and appears in front of the public in a tailored suit and a tie, surrounded by the artists of a big-band (as they jokingly call the group because of the number of musicians). He also changes the style and manner of his singing, amazing and pleasing his admirers, for whom this project appeared to be a great surprise. A concert – experiment, a concert – variation. Jazz and blues – these are new trends the artist works in.

The classical hits of the world-wide musical stars of past and present, such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Raymond Levesque, Jacques Brel, Peter Gabriel, groups U2 and Police were included to the programme of the concerts. Also there are songs from Bruno’s own repertory. These songs are well known for a long time and being popular in his performing, but now they sound in a new way, unexpectedly and unpredictably as the jazz interpretation itself... Jam-session?

"The adventure just begins! ...I am an experimenter, I go where I’m not waited for and I hope the audience will follow me" Audience, his audience that loves him and trusts his feelings and taste, this audience follows him! A new image, old songs but sung in a new way, all this means that he goes forward as bravely as he’s done it before.

“…Artist, dreaming of creative freedom, like he had in his youth” He returns us, his fans, to the moments when everybody is looking forward to the splash of his creative work, but without ignoring of what he had done before. “Trial-and-error method – that’s my motto. That is the only way for the artist to develop. I like too much to be engaged in different things instead of doing the same. I like to take up theatre even though it’s not easy. I think when you do something with pleasure and make bold to try, people fell the same delight.”

It’s a new level, that underlines the depth of the talent of the Great Artist! Bravo, Bruno! And what’s next? We’ll never get tired of amusing! We are looking forward and we are in agitation, Mister Unpredictable!

The tour continued all 2007 and finished with the series of concerts on the famous concert ground of Montreal – Cabaret Casino de Montreal, the place where outstanding show-business stars like Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and others successfully sang in public. And to the great joy of numerous admirers of Bruno Pelletier on September 11, 2007 the new album recorded during the Groszorchesrtre tour came out.

In January, 2008 Bruno made a small break in the performances with his “BigBand” to put on a costume of Dracula, this time - in Lyon.... And soon he returned again to the soft, velvet jazz singing. The tour with an acoustic trio proceeded. In spring the admirers were pleased with an unexpected surprise - a DVD-version of the concert, recorded in autumn, 2007 during the performances in the casino of Montreal was released. Very sunny, the concert creates an atmosphere of warmth and pleasure, as the eyes of the artist shine. The list of the executed songs differs from the album versions and contains more English hits.

The jazz experiment was quite successful and it was rewarded by the prestigious awards. In autumn of 2008 at the annual ceremony "ADISQ" the album "Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre" was voted to be the best in the nomination "Album of the year, jazz interpretation" and it won a statuette "Felix". Then, in the beginning of 2009, at the ceremony "Gala des prix SOBA" Bruno won in the nomination "Jazz actor or group of year ", adding one more statuette, "Prix SOBA", to his collection of prizes.